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The Salon’s reputation is known to be synonymous for the branding
and creation of natural healthy hair, precise and professional haircuts, the artistry of the rejuvenated curl in an atmosphere creating a unique, relaxing, and stress-free environment for our clients! Our products are selected for their non-damaging characteristics after extensive research! The staff continues to advance their knowledge through professional
master training in New York City! We view and believe each finalized cut as a personalized work of art. Our team of stylists are selected to empower each visitor with confidence, a relaxed experience that liberates your mind, leaving you to enjoy every aspect of daily life! We continue to advance our proficiency on the ease and knowledge of the latest trends! The salons technique and adaptiveness with the use of natural non-damaging color continues to be timeless! Our Grace enjoyment is achieved with an educated happy client!

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"The laws of nature cannot be forced or contained for long. Curls are an inclusive part of nature and do not need to be fixed, tamed, controlled or hidden under an avalanche of counterintuitive products. Once you understand your Curl's interactive relationship to atmospheric conditions, you will want and appreciate only the best sourced ingredients. CurlyWorld product are generously infused with high quality botanicals that include Bamboo fibers, Aloe vera, Coconut water and the Resurrection Plant. Among other things, these help to nourish and protect, giving you refreshingly bouncy hydrated curls."
Lorraine Massey
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12085 Manchester Rd, Des Peres 63131

Opening Hours

Wed & Fri 9AM- 5PM
Thursday 11AM- 7PM
Saturday 9AM- 3PM


Phone: (314) 997-5355


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